Thorough examination

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations consist of regulations to ensure the safe use of lifting equipment in the workplace. LOLER also commonly known as thorough examination covers a wide range of equipment including lifts, hoists and mobile elevating work platforms. This also includes lifting accessories such as chains, slings, eye bolts etc.  However, escalators, moving walkways and simple pallet trucks that lift their load only a few inches do not apply under LOLER.

Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd can perform LOLER inspections or commonly knows as  thorough examination for clients throughout the UK.

LOLER inspections should be performed on lifting equipment:

  • Before it is first used
  • Immediately after the repair or replacement of an essential component
  • Whenever it is removed and re-fitted to the original chassis
  • Within 12 months of its last examination

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations place duties on people and companies who own, operate or have control over lifting equipment. If the lift equipment is used for work then the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) will also apply. As qualified personnel our engineers will be able to plan, appropriately supervise and carry out the operation in a safe manner. LOLER examinations are also mandatory and must be conducted thoroughly in order to determine whether the lift is suitable for operation and assess the significance of any defects.

LOLER also requires that all equipment used for lifting is fit for purpose, appropriate for the task, suitably marked and, in many cases, subject to statutory periodic thorough examination. Records must be kept of all thorough examinations and any defects found must be reported to both the person responsible for the equipment and the relevant enforcing authority.

If you are responsible for a lift then you are a duty holder. Roles of the duty holder include:

  • Maintaining the lift so it is safe to use
  • Selecting and instructing the competent persons
  • Ensuring the lift is examined at statutory intervals
  • Keeping the competent person informed of any changes in the lift operations
  • Making all relevant documentation available
  • Acting promptly to remedy any defects
  • Ensuring that all documentation complies with the regulations
  • Accurate record keeping


Any business or organisation whose employees operate lifting equipment on the job are required to comply to these regulations, which come under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

LOLER, Competent Persons and Duty Holders explained.

As COMPETENT PERSONS we are able to carry out THOROUGH EXAMINATIONS on your lifts. We have included below some information which we hope will be of assistance if you are a lift owner or the person responsible for the safe operation of a lift used at work, for example a facilities manager or supervisor.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), which came into force on 5th December 1998, were made under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HSW Act). LOLER implements the lifting provisions of the Amending Directive to the Use of Work Equipment Directive (AUWED) (951631EC).

LOLER consolidated the requirements for the safe Provision and use of lifting equipment. Regulation 9 of LOLER requires that all lifts provided for use in work activities be thoroughly examined by a COMPETENT PERSON at regular intervals.

This applies to lifts and hoists used to lift people or loads.




So last night I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep so I picked my phone up to check Facebook and stumbled across a video of Pure inspiration that man was Cliff Devries a man who beat all the odds, go check him out, over came a massive challenge and didn’t let anything stop him

Challenge is something a lot of us face every single day some are unknown to people but its something as a lift company we have to think about every day, a lift is a lot more than the shiny Silver box that sits in the corner,

When it doesn’t work its a young family that are late for school or an appointment because they have to get a buggy down 5 flights of stairs, it’s an 80 year old lady who has to walk up 8 flights of steps to get back to her flat, it’s the disabled person who is now stuck in there flat, the elderly man who hasn’t spoken to anyone in a week missing his weekly trip to a social club, a Care home struggling as they can’t get food out in there service lift.

We hear so many stories and it makes it personal to us, that’s why we respond quickly to any callouts that’s why we are upfront and honest about the lifts and what it needs, that’s why people stick with us it’s not just a Silver box in the corner it’s a life line, a way of life having or not having a lift impacts on people’s life’s In a big way, that’s what inspires us everyday to leave no stone unturned to get that lift back in service and well maintained to the highest standard a challenge to overcome

Nationwide Lifts & Escalators work with a wide range of clients on both Commercial Lifts and Residential Lift, offering Lift servicing, lift repairs and full modernisations across the whole of the UK Including an unrivalled selection of New lift products across the world top brands.

At Nationwide Lifts and Escalators traditional Lift servicing is at the heart of what we do. During a traditional maintenance visit, rest assured our experienced service engineers carry out a full inspection, test and comprehensive service, and make any appropriate adjustments to ensure optimum performance saving you money in the long run. Our Tailor-made services have been designed to keep your lift operating smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

97% of our lifts are fixed on the first repair call it’s our first fix policy to ensure we locate the cause of the breakdown and repair it first time, with no repeat visits for the same fault. Through our dedicated customer care, we pride ourselves as your partner throughout the entire lifespan of your lift equipment, with offices across the UK in key locations we can provide a fully comprehensive package to all our clients.

We have dedicated Key Account Managers, who pride themselves on excellent customer service , full knowledge of your account and lift, this in turn leads to retaining a loyal customer database, due to a familiar voice with a wealth of Knowledge. At Nationwide Lifts and Escalators Communication is key to everything we do; our Customer promise makes Nationwide Lifts & Escalators a unique company in the marketplace.

Our Head office can be found in The North East (Sunderland), with further offices in The Midlands Yorkshire and London


Passenger and Platform Lifts

Valued customers

If i have learnt anything over the last 12 months its to be you own cheerleader and celebrate any win, its been a tough 2020 especially as we go into lockdown 2.0. Its even sweeter when praise comes in from one of your most Valued customers.

Sam said We are a really good company, customer service was excellent, she commented we get the engineers out quick and the work is good. She said she has had problems with lift companies in the past and any new job are always passed to Nationwide”.

At Nationwide Lifts & Escalators our customer service is real passion for us and what stands us apart from other lift companies, there is no calls missed no matter the time and we work tightly as a team and nobody goes home until every email is answered it sounds  very cliché but I’m going to say it we care. For every lift that is broken down its not just a machine, its a young family with a buggy that cant get down stairs or a pensioner who has to walk up 5 flights of stairs, or a service lift that has real impact on a Business and staff, we see things differently and that’s why we get the praise we do and retain a large portfolio of valued customers.

Through our dedicated customer care, we pride ourselves as your partner throughout the entire lifespan of your lift equipment, with offices across the UK in key locations we can provide a fully comprehensive package to all our clients. We have dedicated Key Account Managers, who pride themselves on excellent customer service, full knowledge of your account and lift, this in turn leads to retaining a loyal customer database, due to a familiar voice with a wealth of Knowledge.

We are forward thinking  Lift company  with  traditional Lift servicing at the heart of what we do. During a traditional maintenance visit, rest assured our experienced service engineers carry out a full inspection, test and comprehensive service, and make any appropriate adjustments to ensure optimum performance saving you money in the long run.

At Nationwide Lifts and Escalators Communication is key to everything we do; our Customer promise makes Nationwide Lifts & Escalators a unique company in the marketplace.



A taste of life in Work

A taste of life in Work

At Nationwide Lifts & Escalators  we feel it is vital now more than ever to get relevant work experience  the climate for jobs is ever changing and being ahead of the game with some industry knowledge behind you and a taste of life in work is vital to progression in a very competitive marketplace.

This week we opened the door  to some fresh young talent in Niall who has joined us on a Industry placement from Sunderland College, its the first time we have taken on a student placement and what a breath of fresh air in the office, we are learning as much from him as hopefully he is learning from us, its been a week of going over our marketing strategies and sharpening up the look of our Socials and more.

Lets get to know him a little better.

What made you choose the course you are currently doing?

I chose Business Studies because of my interest in the subject generated in school where I was first introduced to the aspects of life in a business. During that time, I learned the importance of all the departments involved in the running of a business and how universal the skills that you learn can be. It was because of this that made me want to further my knowledge in the subject and pursue the subject at College.

How important do you think it is to get out and get work experience?

I think work experience is vital in preparation for starting working life. It enables you to enhance and learn new skills as well as make contacts in different industries. Taking part in work experience also gives you the opportunity to explore different options in order to get a clearer vision on where it is you want to go next and know the steps you need to take to get there and to get a taste of life in work.

How has Covid-19 affected your College Life?

With the current measures in place we must wear masks whilst in the corridors and sanitise our hands when we pass the stations around College. The biggest changes are having lessons cut short by about 10 minutes so that lecturers can sanitise desks, laptops and computers as well as adapting to remote learning. It is also prohibited to mix with other students from other classes to eliminate the chances of passing Covid-19 between classes. All these measures are in place to continue regular learning and reduce absences or quarantines of classes.

What are you hoping to get out of the placement?

I am hoping to expand my knowledge of marketing and develop my skills related to that area. I also hope that during my placement it will prepare me for what I choose to do after College. I am confident that my time at Nationwide Lifts will provide me with valuable experience that I will be able to carry with me onto my next step.

What are you looking to do after College?

I am still considering where to go and what to do once I leave College whether that is further education or entering the workplace. However, I am sure by completing my work placement it will help me come to a decision.


Nationwide Lifts & Escalators  specialise  in all types of Lift Maintenance, Lift Repairs, Lift Upgrades, Lift Modernisation and New Lifts throughout the UK. With offices located across the United Kingdom, we are able to provide a fully comprehensive package to all our clients.



First Hand View

First hand view

This week we won the maintenance contracts for a major hotel chain throughout the UK. Due to this we have had a first-hand view at the effect the pandemic and the restrictions that accompany daily life have had on the hospitality industry.

Properties have been repurposed to help with better handling those who need treatment and others have been outfitted with measures related to both hygiene and the way a business operates to better reduce the spread of Covid-19 whilst aspects of pre lockdown life can still be pursued.

Once the going got tough the Government opened new temporary hospitals, like the Nightingale Hospitals, as well as repurposing leisure buildings in order to cope with the increasing number of patients. The task of constructing and repurposing buildings was enormous and had to be conducted under strict hygiene standards as well as ever increasing time constraints due to the rising demand for additional hospitals and test centres.

As the possibility of a second wave looms and local and national restrictions intensify the true toll on the hospitality industry is only just being revealed. By the end of the year the chief executive of UK Hospitality has said ‘the anticipated number of additional redundancies by the end of the year was 560,000’. This is now estimated to be much higher due to local restrictions. Therefore, Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd is on standby to help affected industries in all lift related areas such as lift maintenance, lift repairs and lift modernisation with a first hand view

When travelling in a lift remember to practice social distancing as much as possible and try to avoid crowding in the lifts. Also avoid touching the buttons with your hands themselves. Spreading will also be reduced by regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.

At Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd we do not see ourselves as the normal run of the mill lift contractor.  Through our dedicated customer care, we see ourselves as your partner throughout the entire lifespan of your lift equipment. We are in this together, every step of the way.



Our Sunderland heritage

At Nationwide Lifts we are proud of our Sunderland heritage a hub of industry with great tradition and roots and bring that tradition to the way we work, Honesty, reliability and a lot of other ility’s

Sunderland is situated at the mouth of the River Wear and dates back to 1179, when a small fishing village was granted a charter. Over the centuries, Sunderland grew as a port, trading coal and salt and was once famously hailed as the “Largest Shipbuilding Town in the World”. Ships were built on the Wear from at least 1346 onwards and by the mid-eighteenth century Sunderland was one of the chief shipbuilding towns in the country. Now it relies on the car making industry and other business to support the town’s economy.

The name Sunderland was used from the 17th century. The name probably derived from ‘land’ which was ‘sundered’ or separated from the monastery at Monkwearmouth. Gateshead: The Venerable Bede described the place in Saxon times as ‘Goat’s Head’

Home of the Mighty Sunderland AFC Saturday afternoons up here are taken very seriously

Sunderland’s alternative name of the Black Cats is one which is known up and down the country, but it has only been the club’s official nickname since 1997.

The legend of Joshua Dunn, who volunteered for Sunderland Loyal Volunteer force, fleeing from the ‘sound of a black cat’, led to one of the gun batteries on the river Wear (John Paul Jones Battery) become known as the Black Cat Battery.

That name then became associated with the newly-formed football club and upon adopting red-and-white stripes as their strip, the first Sunderland badge featured a black cat, along with a ship, a football and party of the city’s coat of arms.

We are proud of Our Sunderland heritage and roll out our tradition past to all our works

Nationwide Lifts & Escalators are a privately owned company who have been established for many years. Our management team have over 50 years experience in the lift industry and with offices in the Midlands & North, we can offer nationwide coverage for all new lifts, service, repair or modernisation work. We have built up a reputation with clients as a reliable supplier who goes the extra mile.

We offer the complete range of passenger lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts and access products nationwide. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality solutions that are fully open protocol, giving our clients both peace of mind and flexibility in the future. Our range of lift products are fully bespoke and we can offer any size, load or interior / doors you require.

We also offer the full turn key package for our clients for existing sites and new buildings. We offer the complete lift removal service, associated builders-work and electrical work, as well as the lift replacement. This allows us to be involved from early design phase right through to handover on site. By having one contractor on site, this cuts down on interfacing with other trades, improves communication and ultimately the level of service.

We base our service on  traditional lift maintenance just like Our Sunderland heritage , we offer repair works and modernisation to all types of passenger & goods lifts and access products nationwide. With our highly skilled in house engineers we can ensure that our traditional lift maintenance helps cut down on call-outs, down time and costs. We also have a first time fix policy for lift repairs where our aim is to ensure we find the cause of the breakdown and repair it first time with no repeat visits.

We also provide  modernisations nationwide whether it is a new lift interior you need, new doors or the bits you might not see (control systems, hydraulics, motors) – we have a solution for you. A lift modernisation can be a great way to enhance the look of your lift but also make it more reliable and more eco-efficient without the upheaval of a full replacement. We only use high quality open protocol parts and components for all lift repairs and lift modernisations.




Lift Upgrade

Lift Upgrade

Nationwide Lifts have recently secured and delivered a lift upgrade project in Newcastle, Tyne & Wear. The care home group had a passenger lift out of service for a number of months and seemed to be going nowhere. After a free site survey of the passenger lift on site, we advised the client of the lift upgrade works to be carried out. We offered a competitive price for the lift modernisation which was accepted by the customer. In less than 4 weeks from the customers orders, the lift equipment had been modernised on site and the lift was in perfect working order. We offer a 12 months warranty and maintenance package for all lift upgrade and lift modernisation work.

We only supply and fit open protocol parts to any lift repairs or modernisations. This gives the client flexibility on their lifts but also peace of mind on future works. We believe by having the right company and right engineers as your service provider, then you can cut down on call-outs, downtime and ultimately cost.

With our dedicated lift engineers we can offer any lift repair works or have the ability modernise passenger lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts, dumbwaiter lifts and access products. We have offices in Tyne & Wear, The Midlands and London.

We have been looking after lifts on a Nationwide basis for over 50 years and assist many customers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd offer a first time fix policy to clients. This means our aim is to fix the problem first time without the need for repeat visits. We do this by finding the root cause of the problem, rather than just getting the lift running.

By having dedicated lift engineers, we ensure that we solve and rectify problem lifts. This cuts down on call-outs, costs and downtime for our clients. Please contact us here if we can help further with your lift upgrades then email or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 599 9177. We can offer site surveys for customers on all projects and can help with lift specifications, drawings, design and any other lift requirements. throughout England, Wales and Scotland.