Keeping people moving throughout your buildings.

All escalators and moving walkways are integral to keeping shoppers, visitors and the general public moving freely and smoothly throughout your building. Many commercial buildings, railway stations, airports rely on escalators to move people from one place to another and as such the equipment must be fully maintained and safe to use.

Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd offer you a range of service contracts and maintenance packages for service, repair and breakdowns for your escalators. Our highly trained engineers take service to the next level, by maintaining your escalator they will ensure reliable performance and the smooth-running flow of people through your buildings.

Like all your facilities escalators need to be efficient, safe and reliable. You want to avoid your escalators breaking down and reduce those delays that inconvenience to your passengers whilst you look for emergency repair solutions.

Escalator Maintenance

Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd provides escalator maintenance and service plans bespoke to your escalators and moving walkways. This is important as different types of escalators, taking different weights and with varying amount of use, need a different frequency and type of service. How we can help:

  • Planned preventative maintenance to increase the life span of your equipment.
  • Increased reliability, efficiency and safety for all
  • Dedicated reports and recommendations to ensure proactiveness to reduce the likelihood of issues developing
  • To contact us with any queries or for a quote then please call us on 0800 599 9177 or e-mail ¬†As experts in escalators, moving walkways and lifts we can offer you bespoke solutions to all your passenger and goods transport needs.